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Kit Adelia Shawl - Yarn Tasting Club - Summer 2023 - Nature's Luxury featuring Florence Spurling

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On Stage

Colour : Diamonds & Pearls

Number of item(s): 3

On Stage - Long Métrage

Colour : Doctor Zhivago

Number of item(s): 1

On Stage - Short Stories

Colour : Winter Dreams

Number of item(s): 1

170,50 €
179,71 USD
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  • 2 *
We are delighted to present our second Nature’s Luxury Yarn Club to you, the Yarn Tasting Club - Summer 2023!

The idea is, to discover and grow to love three different yarns of the NL-yarn-family and to knit a memorable project together.

For our second Club Design, we have the brilliant British designer Florence Spurling on board who created a stunning design for this special occasion, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Florence obtained a Masters in textile design from the Royal College of Art, and her expertise reflects in her designs. She incorporates skilled craft techniques into a modern and experimental context, always adding a touch of playfulness, unusual details, and expressive textures.

For our Tasting Club, Florence created a particularly striking design. Inspired by antique lace fabrics, the elegant shawl ADELIA combines open delicate stitches with dimensional bobbles and woven yarn inlay that emulates hand embroidery.

Last year’s Yarn Tasting Club in the Summer 2022 was a journey into the unknown for our participants. Only the colours were shown in stylized form.

For this year’s club we have thought of a concept in a different form.

The three yarns and the colours featured in the club are known. You have the possibility to either choose one of our especially curated kits or to select your personal favourite colours for your shawl.

In our Yarn Tasting Club, we put our love of yarns on stage with our On Stage Trio, Nature’s Luxury signature yarn!

On Stage Sport, On Stage - Long Métrage and On Stage - Short Stories come together in this exquisite yarn trio. The melange is a luxurious and balanced combination of prime merino wool, silk and baby camel. Together with the experts of the spinning mill, we have created this gorgeous yarn.
In the wonderfully soft On Stage, the merino wool provides elasticity, the silk gives a fine sheen and the baby camel cares for the depth and richness of the colours that we lovingly hand-dye in our studio.

Although the yarns are made of the same blend of fibres, the different spinning properties of each one ensure a distinct knitting experience and a unique look.

Here are the details and all information for NL’s Yarn Tasting Club Summer 2023:

*Florence Spurling has designed our exclusive club shawl ADELIA in the On Stage Trio.

* What the design looks like, will remain secret for now. But we can tell you that ADELIA is knitted tip-to-tip and constructed in four parts: a central piece, the left and right tips, and a border, each of which uses different yarn and stitch combinations.

* The complete Yarn Tasting Club yarn will be sent to you in one package, since more than one yarn is needed from the beginning. Every kit contains three skeins of On Stage Sport and one skein each of On Stage - Long Métrage and On Stage - Short Stories, as well as a small gift for you. :-)

We also find this to be an environmentally friendly decision and additional shipping costs are saved.

* We will cast-on the first clue of our Mystery-KAL on Friday, May 19, 2023.

* In our Nature’s Luxury Ravelry Group, we will open a thread to give our yarn tasters the opportunity to chat and show off their progress.

* Our club runs over a period of three months from May 19 through the beginning of August 2023. However, there is absolutely no rush for you to finish your shawl. Take all the time you need and enjoy!

* We will continue with the next two clues, starting on Friday, June 9 and Friday, July 7.

* You will receive the three clues separately by email. After completion of the club, we will provide a coupon code, allowing you to download your pattern on Ravelry.

* The kit includes the yarn for the club (without supplies), the instructions in three clues by email and your surprise gift.

* The instructions are available in English and German.

We wish all yarn tasters lots of fun and enjoyment with our Yarn Tasting Club 2023!

If you have any questions, please send us an email to We are happy to help.