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Wellness treatment for your silks and delicate laundry

HAUTNAH - produced locally in Germany with the greatest care in a small, family-run business (mother-daughter) - cleans your favourite silky items gently, but efficiently. The special formula keeps the colours bright and the fibres soft and glossy. A lovely smell of white jasmine and powdery sandalwood accompanies your garments.

Especially skin- and eco-friendly, no softeners, no brighteners, no bleach, no animal testing!

How to use: Suitable for hand and machine wash
Content: 500 ml concentrate - for up to 50 hand washes or 25 - 50 machine loads
Dosage at medium water hardness:
Hand-wash: 10 ml for 5 l (1,3 gallons) water, max. 30°C
Machine wash: max. 20 ml per load with special wool program, max. 30° C
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