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Geisha's Labyrinth - Nature's Luxury

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Classy square foulards with cut corners where Swarovski-crystals shine discreetly.
Various colour elements are playfully combined and give you many different ways of setting up your preferred colourway for the day.
The hand-dyed silk ribbon GEISHA and SILK DIVA, a blend of soft mohair and silk have been selected for this beautiful design.

Finished size: approx. 31'' x 22'' / 85 x 85 cm

Yarn & Co.
Geisha from Nature's Luxury : 100% Silk, hand-dyed, approx. 262 yds / 40 g
1 hank Ref. # NLG-SLB, 1 hank Ref. # NLG-CML, 1 hank Ref. # NLG-JDCR, 1 hank Ref. # NLG-AMZ.
Silkdiva from Nature's Luxury: 70% Kid mohair, 30% Silk hand-dyed, approx. 240.59 yds / 50 g
1 hank Ref. # 117SDHDCYCL, 1 hank Ref. # 117DRM76.
18 Swarovski crystal beads 4 mm with rainbow reflection in each color Jet and Light Slam.
Needles in size US#3(3.0mm), circular length 23.62/60 cm or set of straight.
Needles in size US#6(4.0mm), circular length 23.62/60 cm or set of straight.