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JURA-Sheep (Swiss Breed)

The JURA-SHEEP is one of the six recognised sheep breeds of Switzerland. One distinguishes between the dark brown to the reddish-brown and the light brown variety, also called "Elb". However, it is the same breed.

The JURA-SHEEP is a medium-sized sheep. Adult rams weigh between 198 to 242 lbs. (90 to 110 kg) with a height of approximately 30 to 33 inches (75-82 cm) at the withers. The average wheight of the ewes lies between 154 to 198 lbs. (70 - 90 kg), and they measure between 26 - 30 inches (66 to 74 cm) at the shoulder. Both are polled. With the exception of the head, the whole body is evenly covered with black, yellowish brown or beige (called "elb") fleece.

One of their ancestors was the "Frutigsheep" which is already mentioned in documentations of the 14th century. The "Elbe" (yellowish-brown Mountain Sheep) appeared as the result from crossing in yellow and brown fleece colours. The “Roux de Bagnes ", a breed from the Wallis (region in Switzerland), contributed to the forming of the Brownish Black Jura sheep. In 1941, the two different wings were unified under the notion of "Brownish Black Mountain Sheep" and are recognized since 1979 in the breeding registry of Switzerland as an independent breed.

A few facts:
Today mostly found in: Switzerland, Germany, Austria
Weight of fleece: 6,6 - 8,8 lbs (3,0 to 4,0 kg)
Micron Count: 30μm to 34μm
Staple length: 2 to 4 inches (50 to 100 mm)